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​The Shanghai Golfers Club (SGC) started on a casual basis during the mid 90's by a group of dedicated social golfers who recognized the need to bring golfers together every weekend to play well organized competitions based on an approved handicap system. The SGC was formally brought together in 2001 and we celebrated our 20th Anniversary in 2021.

We are a group of male and female social golfers who play every weekend in all weather conditions. We believe in playing to the R&A Rules of Golf, in mixing with all nationalities, and having an enjoyable competitive game. We welcome all standards of players from a social to low handicapper, but we insist that the individual adheres to the rules of our club and to the rules of golf.

We keep our membership at about 80 players with 40 players teeing up every Saturday at different courses in the Shanghai area. We give priority to our members and can only offer guest spots on a short notice. 

For any questions or requests please send us an email to

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